Press Gazette magazine October issue: Caitlin Moran, Martin Daubney, Fleet Street's biggest balls-ups

The October edition of Press Gazette is now with the printers – here are a few of the highlights.

There’s a hilarious profile interview with top Times columnist Caitlin Moran – in which she neatly sums up the paywall debate:  “Bitch gotta make rent”.

Ex-Loaded editor Martin Daubney gives it to us with both barrels in the exit interview:

“I shot radioactive wolves from a helicopter, rode a powerful motorcycle past Bucko House dressed as a duck, was chased by Cuban cops on an illegal motorbike while dressed as Che Guevera, flew burgers to David Blaine in a little helicopter, and paid dwarves to race donkeys while we drank iced gin.”

Colin Dunne attempts to cheer up the under pressure News of the World by delving into the archives of Fleet Street for some even bigger blunders:  “Far from the hard-eyed cynics of popular legend, most hacks are panting innocents, desperate to believe…well anything, if it makes a good story.”

We also explain why Claire Enders’ 2009 predication that up to half of all UK regional newspapers were set to close has turned out to be complete cobblers.

We have an essential 10-page briefing on transport issues for journalists.

And there is also our annual 20-page journalism training supplement – which is essential reading for anyone pondering a career in journalism.

All this content is only available to Press Gazette magazine subscribers. A year’s subcription costs £90 (plus a free 2gb USB stick). Students can subscribe for £40 a year.

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