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Press Gazette magazine: January edition preview

Press Gazette is kicking off 2009 with a bumper 84-page-edition – which includes a free pull-out on journalism training.

Inside you’ll find a comprehensive guide to picking the right course – as well as a host of insider tips about getting a foothold in the industry.

In the main magazine – the Press Gazette editorial team go back to the classroom to find out what skills working journalists can acquire to help them survive what is set to be a tough 2009.

I provide a rough guide to broadcasting for print types – and former Press Gazette deputy editor Jon Slattery has a guide to blogging: ‘It’s like owning your own newspaper, except you’re not losing money and you don’t have to sit in on publishing meetings.”

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Other January highlights include:

Ian Reeves investigates the future of local video news in the wake of the BBC Trust’s decision to abandon the corporation’s controversial local TV plans: ‘A Swiss army knife workforce is one thing, but if you have more than one blade open at the same time you tend to cut yourself.”

We provide a comprehensive guide to buying new camera kit aimed at everyone from the freelance reporter who takes the odd picture to the serious sports photography staffer.

In Media Money – Peter Kirwan cuts through the spin to look at where the advertising decline is really heading in 2009.

Daisy McAndrew reveals the four Ds all reporters should bear in mind to avoid getting blasé about the credit crunch fatigue: depression, death, destitution and delinquency.

Grey Cardigan bemoans the exit of perhaps the last of the regional press big-name editors of the 1980s and 1990s.

Rupert Murdoch biographer Michael Wolff shares some of the insights he gleaned after hundreds of hours interviewing the News Corp boss. He reveals Murdoch’s favourite UK journalists and claims: ‘He doesn’t care about technology…He just wants to be the greatest, and possibly last, newspaper proprietor.”

In training and tips section The Knowledge:

We have a guide to pitching to the Guardian Money section.

Andy Dickinson reveals how freelances can use new multimedia techniques to maximise their income during the downturn.

And in his brilliant editorial management column – Peter Sands reveals the secrets of newsdesk forward planning.

In the books section we have an exclusive feature by the author of Manufacturing Consent – not Noam Chomsky, but co-author Edward S Herman – who says that journalists remain ‘servants of a propaganda system’as a new edition is released of his classic critique of the media business.

Since going monthly Press Gazette is no longer available on the newsstand – so to get hold of a copy you need to call 01858 438872 and quote WDO1 to order 15 issues for £115. Or click here to subscribe online.



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