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Press Gazette launches redesigned mobile-friendly website

Press Gazette has a new look – our first website redesign since September 2012.

There has been a lot of water under the bridge since then, with the main change to online journalism being the growth of mobile.

So this site is designed to be easy to read on all devices, from smartphones to desktop computers.

On the technology site, we’ve moved from Drupal to WordPress as our content platform.

We’ve also redesigned our daily email newsletter and we are launching a new Weekend edition rounding up the ten biggest stories of the week (subscribe here).

We’ve tweaked the Press Gazette logo and replaced the words JOURNALISM TODAY with FIGHTING FOR JOURNALISM.


This reflects the strong emphasis Press Gazette has had on campaigning in recent years with our successful efforts to stop police spying on journalists’ call records without judicial approval (Save Our Sources) and to stop the Freedom of Information Act from being drastically watered down (Hands Off FoI).

The new website has been designed and built entirely in-house by the team at Press Gazette’s publisher, Progressive Media.

The new look comes as Press Gazette marks its 50th year reporting on UK journalism.

Now, as then, our mission remains:

  • to provide independent news and information which helps journalists do their crucial work more effectively
  • to report without fear or favour on our industry
  • and to shine a light on the good and the bad in it.

I hope you like the new site. Please bear with us through the early teething troubles and let us know if you spot anything which doesn’t work or could be improved.

When flagging up technical problems it will greatly help us fix them if you can email details (with a screen grab if possible) to, including details of the web browser you are using.


2 thoughts on “Press Gazette launches redesigned mobile-friendly website”

  1. Sorry to say this is as big a disaster as Guardian, Telegraph, and Indy redesign. I shall look at it less often and shout at it more when I do. Which is a shame.

  2. This looks appalling on my laptop. I don’t want a mobile friendly design. I want a PC/laptop design. Dreadful. Do you really think that journalists write all their stories on their mobiles???

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