PPA-winning editor says future is bright for B2B

PPA business media editor of the year Giles Barrie of Property Week believes that the economic outlook for his title is now looking up after being hard hit by the recession.

Property Week was recognised by the PPA judges after relaunching its website in May 2008 with a redesign, a monthly podcast, video, new blogs and a “Your Property” section aimed at homeowners.

Property Week Global which began as a supplement was launched into a seperate monthly magazine with its own website.

“We expanded into a huge amount of fields, taking Property Week into a global magazine”, said Barrie.

Among the campaigns run by Property Week last year was the “Search for Property Entrepreneurs” organised in conjunction with Bank of Scotland.

This contest offered the three winners a £10m interest-free loan to invest in a property venture.

It launched in February and ran throughout the year with regional heats in London, The Midlands, Scotland and the North.

Three property firms each won a £10m interest free loan and the winner of the final also received mentoring from Secret Millionaire star Nick Leslau.

As to Property Week’s plans for the future, Barrie said: “The main thing is responding to our readers, and giving them what they want”.

The property market has been hard hit by the recession, but according to Barrie business is now picking up for his title and he sees a bright future for B2B magazines in general.

“Business magazines are taking off in a multitude of fields, print, online and face to face- we need to make the best of all of these fields in order to get the best results”, said Barrie.

Property Week has a circulation of 22,504 according to ABC.

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