Post highlights problems in Leeds

The Yorkshire Evening Post has carried out one of its biggest investigations into life on some of Leeds’s rundown estates.

Reporters and photographers at the paper spent three months gathering stories from people whose lives are being blighted by drugs, crime, poverty and a lack of opportunities.

"Life In Leeds" has also featured uplifting stories of people battling back and the next phase is to push for some extra funding for the inner city.

Assistant editor David Helliwell said: "The aim was to highlight people who have missed out on the economic boom which has swept through city centre Leeds. In streets not far from the designer shops and upmarket bars, we have pensioners living behind security grilles who don’t see another living soul from one day to the next because they are too scared to go out. Our aim was to let them tell their stories in their own words. We will continue pressing the government, the local council and other agencies to improve matters."

As part of the investigation, the Post published an article from Tony Blair, in which he admitted that much more needed to be done to improve the quality of life for many in Leeds.

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