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Post hacking scandal novel published today portrays tabloid journalist as the hero

A novel set against the background of the hacking scandal could be turned into a film.

Three in a Bed by Andrew Croker is published today. Revolution Films – the production company behind 24 Hour Party People, Rush and BBC Two TV series The Trip – has already bought the rights.

Croker, 62, sets the novel a few days after the phone-hacking trial to tell the story of Sam Plummer, a tabloid news editor who becomes Britain's most wanted man after uncovering a major scoop.

He said: "Selling the film rights before the book was launched was a massive buzz. That is a dream come true for a first time novelist.

"We are a long way from the opening credits but the word-of-mouth on the book already has been incredible and I have been thrilled with the reaction.

"It is an action-packed romp – the kind of book you pick up at an airport and cannot put down for the rest of your holiday. 

“It's set against the background of real events, particularly the unsavoury threesome that involved our politicians, the police and the press. What Gordon Brown called the criminal media nexus.

"But ignore the dodgy metaphor. This really is about three in a bed, a sensational, full blown political sex scandal.

"It really is the first novel to explore the media world after the Leveson Inquiry. Journalists are so used to seeing their profession being portrayed negatively in TV, films and books.

"I have so many friends working in journalism and I know how it really works. This shows all the flaws of the tabloid world but its good side, too. For once, the journalist is not the villain."

Former sports manager Croker researched the book with help from friends in the media such as ITN's Mark Austin.

The book is being distributed through Penguin Random House. Croker raised £15,000 through crowd-funding publishers Unbound to get into print. Financial backers are said to include Elisabeth Murdoch and ex-Arsenal defender Lee Dixon.



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Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette