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Political blogger Paul Linford gets all confessional

The change from spring into summer can do strange things to the emotions, but Axegrinder is increasingly worried about Paul Linford, political blogger and columnist for the Newcastle Journal.

On his blog on April 28 he decided to reveal that the name of his first girlfriend ‘began with J, as in Forever J. I am certainly not going to be any more specific than that on a public website.”

Then, a day later, he chose to reveal his ‘first love”. ‘
Her name also began with a J, but it wasn’t the same one,’he wrote.

As if that wasn’t enough, on May 3, in a piece called ‘Sweet memories of ’79”, Linford confessed: ‘Later that year, I fell in love for the first time, something about which I’d love to write more, but I’m not Nick Hornby, and three decades on, it would be unfair to the lady in question.”

It’s quite possible that Linford is fed up with writing about politics and has decided to turn himself into a Tanya Gold-style confessional columnist. Possible. But unlikely.

Axegrinder advises Linford to get through this mid-life crisis by spending a day or two alphabetising his record collection or simply going for a long walk.

But if he really must dwell on his teenage loves, then please get on with it. Write the piece and get it off your chest. 



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