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Police praise Chronicle in sex attacker case

Police have praised the Bath Chronicle for its involvement in bringing a serial sex attacker to justice.

City fireman Adrian Warburton faces a life sentence after he admitted carrying out nine attacks on women. He was arrested in a huge police operation last year.

The Chronicle printed safety posters and leaflets which were given out by police officers around the city during night patrols and worked closely with police officers over its coverage.

The paper dedicated five pages to the court case written by crime reporter David Lewins.

Detective Inspector Guy Turner said: “The Chronicle has made a real difference.

“Its coverage and the safety posters could well have prevented there being another victim.”

Police also commended the paper saying one of Warburton’s victims approached them as a direct result of the paper’s coverage.

Editor Sam Holliday said: “This was a classic example of the police and the press working together well to ensure the local community had the best possible information on a story that affected everyone in the area.”