Police keep suspects' pics to themselves - Press Gazette

Police keep suspects' pics to themselves

By Hamish Mackay

A Scottish police force has refused to release photographs to the
Aberdeen Evening Express of two members of a major drugs gang for whom
arrest warrants have been issued.

The decision, by Grampian Police, contrasts with the release of
pictures by the Metropolitan Police of men sought in connection with
the recent bomb outrages in London.

Grampian Police takes the
view that any future court case could be prejudiced by the publication
of photographs of alleged offenders.

The refusal came after it
admitted that it was still “actively pursuing” two men after eight men
were jailed last week for a total of 45 years.

The defendants had been peddling crack cocaine and heroin on the streets of Aberdeen.

Six of the convicted men were members of the Wolverhampton-based Flava drugs gang.

Grampian Police spokesman said: “It is not the policy of Grampian
Police to issue photographs of people being sought in connection with
criminal matters except in exceptional circumstances and after
consultation with the Crown Office.”

A source at the Evening Express said: “Grampian Police says it needs public help in catching dealers.

“Then why not help the public to do just that?”