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Police arrest BNP members after BBC exposé

Meeting: Griffin (left) and Gwynne

The BBC undercover documentary on the British National Party has sparked a chain of events that has led to the arrest of five members of the far-right political organisation, and could lead to its disqualification from any forthcoming UK elections.

After the BBC handed over all material from the BBC One documentary The Secret Agent aired on 15 July, West Yorkshire Police confirmed on Tuesday the arrest and bail pending further enquiries of a number of BNP members from the region The men were arrested for offences that included racially aggravated harassment and firearms offences.

West Yorkshire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service are both investigating the BNP as a result of the programme.

BNP leader Nick Griffin was caught on camera denigrating the Islamic faith and the party expelled two members featured on the documentary.

Security to protect undercover journalist Jason Gwynne and his contact Andy Sykes – a former BNP organiser turned mole – has been stepped up after the two received death threats.

Meanwhile, Barclays Bank, bankers for the BNP, have frozen the party’s accounts, which the BNP has admitted could prevent it from taking part in any forthcoming elections.

BNP leader Nick Griffin, said in a written statement on the party website that it was “almost inconceivable that it would be possible for any organisation operating on this basis to satisfy the Electoral Commission’s stringent demands for transparent accounting procedures.”

Griffin admitted on camera that making his remarks about Islam could land him a seven-year prison sentence if uttered in public.

By Wale Azeez