Podium to showcase 'life-changing' Future Perfect

A bimonthly magazine aimed at people looking for a “life-changing” experience is due to launch in March.

Future Perfect is the brainchild of Podium Publications and claims to be the only UK title dedicated to personal development and life change.

The glossy plans to target men and women aged 35 to 50 who have become disillusioned with their jobs or love life and are looking for a more fulfilling experience. According to the magazine, an increasing number of people are reflecting on who they are and what they have achieved and are looking for a source of inspiration.

Future Perfect aims to cover all aspects of personal development, helping people to build their confidence and be more successful in relationships. It promises to “banish negativity” and advise readers on how to change their career or create wealth by starting a business, along with tips on how to quit smoking, reduce stress and lose weight.

The first issue features an article on how to find a life coach, meditation for the stressed beginner and ‘slim thinking’ – how to think your way to a fat free existence.

Editor Janice Hallet said most people avoided making changes. “We seem to harbour primal urges that compel us to maintain comfortable routines. Whatever is familiar, whether we enjoy it or not, can feel preferable to the great unknown.

Future Perfect will demonstrate that change is not only possible, but essential, and that whatever you may regret about your life, it won’t be the fact that you changed it.”

Hallet added that the title would adopt an upbeat and light-hearted approach to help people who have reached a “turning point”.

Future Perfect has a sales target of 40,000 and a cover price of £2.45.

It will be sold on news-stands nationwide.

Podium Publications was founded by Hallet, along with her business partner Sian Rees in 1997. The company also publishes the B2B title Pure Beauty, which Hallet edited, having previously been co-editor of Cosmetics International.

By Ruth Addicott

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