Pippa Middleton complained to PCC over pictures published in The Sun and Daily Telegraph - Press Gazette

Pippa Middleton complained to PCC over pictures published in The Sun and Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph and The Sun apologised to Pippa Middleton after she complained that they published pictures taken in ‘circumstances of harassment”.

Both newspaper disputed whether Middleton had been harassed when the photographs – which were obtained from a freelance agency – had been taken, but the complaint was later resolved by the Press Complaints Commission.

The Daily Telegraph ‘apologised to the complainant if she had felt harassed in the taking of the photograph’and took steps to ensure the image would never be published again.

The Sun ‘apologised to the complainant for any unintentional distress caused’and removed the photographs from its website and archive.

Both gave an assurance ‘in regard of future photographs of the complainant”, according to the PCC.

In another resolved complaint, The Observer apologised for an article on phone hacking that referenced former News of the World journalist Ray Chapman, following a complaint from his widow Judy.

A story that appeared in January headlined ‘Secret tapes, Coulson’s exit and the riddle of the story that won’t go away’reported claims from sources that ‘owing to a ‘growing drink problem’former News of the World journalist Ray Chapman ‘started secretly taping conversations with his colleagues and editors”.

It also claimed ‘these tapes might assist in confirming allegations of phone hacking at the newspaper”.

In its apology the newspaper said: ‘Mr Chapman’s widow has asked us to make clear that Mr Chapman was teetotal for the last 15 years of his life, and that she denies the existence of any such tapes. We apologise to Mrs Chapman for any distress caused.”



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