Pink Paper is relaunched as a national tabloid

first gay newspaper, the Pink Paper , is to relaunch next week, and
goes back on newsprint for the first time in five years.

paper closed in October, after racking up claimed losses of £400,000 a
year, and was taken over two weeks later by new owners Millivres
Prowlers Group, which publishes the Gay Times .

It said the overwhelming response from a recent reader survey was “give us back our newspaper”.

has decided to take the Pink Paper from an A4 magazine to tabloid-size
newspaper. It was fortnightly, but there are plans to increase the
frequency to weekly by the end of the summer.

Head of business Rob Dean said the plan is to concentrate on serious journalism and community reporting.

were disappointed when the previous owners turned the Pink Paper into a
news magazine four years ago, but the need for a proper lesbian and gay
newspaper has never gone away.

“Despite there being over a dozen
free gay titles available in the UK, almost all are in a similar format
and increasingly focus their editorial on ‘the scene’ – gay pubbing and
clubbing, a major source of revenue for the free gay press.”

Tris Reid-Smith, who has been editor of the title for three years, said: “We want to increase our national coverage.

Because of budgetary restrictions we ended up becoming very London focused, we want to make sure we are a national paper again.”

added: “There’s going to be more variety in terms of stories and more
national coverage. The new format means more column inches can be
devoted to news. We are going to have a broader news agenda– we want to
be a community newspaper, like you would have a community newspaper for
Reading or Swindon or whatever.

“We want to cover more than just
your local council – we want to cover crime and court reporting, people
who do amazing and weird stuff and the whole variety of news.”

said there will also be more lifestyle, entertainment, leisure and
sport as well as expanded sections on travel, finance and property.

first new-look edition comes out on 17 February, will run to 48 pages
and continue to be distributed free through a network of 500 cafés,
bars and bookstores. Circulation will remain at 40,000, with a target
to reach 60,000 by 2006.

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