Pigeon ruffles feathers in music world

Mickey Gibbons, winner of best designed consumer magazine in the Magazine Design Awards of 2004, is launching a free quarterly music newspaper in the style of an old-fashioned broadsheet newspaper.

Edited by current Adrenalin music editor, Phil Hebblethwaite and called The Stool Pigeon, it will structure its music content in sections on home news, international news, features, arts, reviews, travel, comment and analysis, obituaries and business news.

The format is reflected in the newspaper’s content. Alongside more traditional artist interviews with major bands like Interpol and The Fiery Furnaces, it will include newspaper style stories.

One exclusive is a kiss-and-tell written by a woman who had a lesbian affair with Lana Clarkson, the ex actress found dead in Phil Spector’s LA mansion in 2003.

” The Stool Pigeon celebrates music across all genres and continents.

“It will never follow hype, shake the oily hands of those who wish to influence her, lick the arses o fmusicians, or print top 10 lists,” said Hebblethwaite.

With a run of 15,000 to be released in early January, distribution will be through hand-picked outlets like selected Borders, independent record stores, bars and clubs across London, Brighton, Nottingham and Bristol,

By Sebastian Burford

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