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Piers puts snout in corporate trough

What with his enormous earnings from being a judge on crappy TV talent shows, his M&S steak advert, his BBC series on celebrities and his Mail on Sunday columns, not to mention his near £2million pay-off from the Mirror, surely Piers Morgan can afford to buy his own dinner?

Perhaps he simply prefers to let others pay for him. A corporate hospitality firm is currently offering punters the chance to pay £225 (plus VAT) per person to have dinner with Morgan at a London restaurant, with the meal cooked by Marco Pierre White.

After enjoying a three-course gourmet meal, ‘Marco and Piers will then answer questions during a session of live and intoxicating chat”.

Rather like a flyer for a dodgy Soho club, the advert speaks worryingly of ‘guaranteed 60 mins live and uncut entertainment”.

One wonders if this means Morgan will strip and perform a personal lap dance or even gyrate around a pole. Probably not. But one cannot be sure.

Given Morgan’s expanding waistline and enormous appetite, it is fitting that the company organising the event is based in Pudding Lane, Maidstone.

Axegrinder believes his colleague the Grey Cardigan may be interested in attending. Still owed ‘two grand” by the one-time Press Gazette co-owner, he would be sure to enliven the Q&A session.



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