Piers Morgan: Jonathan Ross would not know a good question if it bit him

Piers Morgan – whose recent documentary on Dubai led to universal criticism in reviews – has criticised ‘celebrity’interviewers, including Jonathan Ross.

Morgan, interviewing himself in next month’s GQ, says: ‘I would never try and compete with any of these ‘entertainer’ interviewers, because that’s not my bag.

“I am a journalist who tries to conduct entertaining interviews.

“They – and I include Ross in this – are entertainers, who wouldn’t know a good journalistic question if it bit them on their backsides.

“But we both have our place in the market.’

But Morgan is no stranger to criticism.

The News of the World called his documentary ‘dumbed-down, frothed-up bilge”, and re-named him ‘Judith Charmless”.

The Daily Telegraph said ‘even his sternest critic could not disparage his appetite for clichés – it is boundless”, and The Northern Echo wrote: ‘Morgan makes no attempt to meet locals. The rich and the glamorous are the only names in his contacts book.”

Sam Wollaston in the Guardian didn’t hold back, either.

‘I don’t believe his laugh – a loud rat-a-tat bark, usually sparked off by one of his own utterances,’he wrote.

‘And I don’t believe his attempts at self-deprecation. To be honest – and it’s important to be honest – I think he’s a bit of a cock.”

But the harshest criticism came from our own Grey Cardigan.

‘Marvellous,’Cardigan wrote on attempts to end Dubai’s foreign labour exploitation.

‘A ‘Cones Hotline’ for fucking slaves. Did you ‘deduce’that, old boy, from your cosy chats with the royal family’s various princes, as broadcast on the show?

‘What a cock.”

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