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Photography title celebrates 50 issues

Outdoor Photography is celebrating its 50th issue by publishing a series of previously unseen pictures by some of the UK’s leading photographers.

The pictures appear in a 17-page section entitled “Unseen”, which features shots from landscape, travel and wildlife photographers.

Editor Keith Wilson said he asked the photographers to send in three examples of their work.

“They liked the simplicity of it and being able to have an opportunity to show work that has not appeared before in books or newspapers,” he said.

The issue also features an article by leading landscape photographer Colin Prior, who has been signed up to write a column, alternating monthly with existing columnist and travel photographer Paul Harris.

Wilson said the 50th issue was a real achievement given the title’s humble beginnings. “When we started, the market was pretty stagnant and there had been closures rather than launches. I like to think we got other publishing houses interested in photography again because since then there has been a spate of launches.”

By Ruth Addicott