Photo Archive News relaunched

Photoarchivenews.com, the international news site for the picture library industry, has relaunched.

Aimed at picture researchers, picture editors, photojournalists and stock photographers, the site offers to source photography and act as a link between publication and photographer.

There will now be breaking industry news, interviews with industry figures – including picture library personalities – a searchable news archive and industry links.

The online trade magazine aims to be useful to editors looking for freelance work. A printed newsletter comes out with quarterly photojournalism magazine Ei8ht.

Site editor Will Charleton said: “After two years the site is getting popular – especially the message board, where freelance photojournalists going abroad can offer their services.

“The comments and community section is working well and people are asking for a forum to be set up, which certainly is an option.”

Subscription is free and gives readers regular news updates via e-mail.

By Sarah Lagan


2 thoughts on “Photo Archive News relaunched”

  1. following the death of sheldon marshall,i am still fighting his son to get my library back.i have lsid charges against imagestate for theft of my library spectrum colour library.i’m currently talking to major libraries to act as our agents..

  2. beware of PHOENIXING this is the legal term for a company that offers to run your business for a small commission and then just stores your precious images in a storage unit rather than sells them either directly or though agents.
    this is what what happened to my company (spectrum colour library) when we were approached by imagestate aka shldon marshall i know its currntly stored in a storage unit in Somerset the scam is to wait till the images are old and then they try to buy the files cheap its happened to several libraries.. don’t get conned by it.i have been trying to get my work back for over 10 years

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