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PG subs refunds - No conspiracy, honest

I’ve been approached by a subscriber who has had difficulty getting a refund because they were unhappy about the switch from weekly to monthly for Press Gazette.
They are so unhappy in fact that they said they are writing a story about their concerns for a rival publication.
So in the interests of clarity I thought I would set out the facts regarding Press Gazette’s transition from weekly to monthly frequency – and take this opportunity to thank the many subscribers who have stuck with us.
Since the last weekly edition of Press Gazette was published in August we have now published two Press Gazette monthlies.
Existing subscribers have been offered the new deal of 15 months of issues for £115 – the same price that they used to pay for a year of weekly Press Gazettes.
Since then we have had 42 cancellations (16 of which were due to a reduction in corporate subs from a major publisher and unrelated to the frequency change).
But we have also gained 59 new subs since going monthly.
So the vast majority of subscribers have stuck with Press Gazette through the recent upheaval – and everyone here is immensely grateful to you.
We hope that Press Gazette monthly will prove more than worth the money by being an essential and unique source of information for professional journalists seeking a safe passage through the choppy waters ahead.
I’m told that for freelances, it also has the advantage of being tax deductible.
We are planning a series of events, awards and conferences next year which will be free, or discounted, for subscribers, as well as some other specialist services.

There have apparently been delays in subscription refunds being paid – but there is no conspiracy here, and no question that Wilmington will not refund subscriptions to any subscriber who said they did not want to continue receiving Press Gazette following the change from monthly to weekly.



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