Perfect Pitch: Love it!

Love It!
Real life women’s magazine
Frequency: Weekly

Pitch to: Emma Barnes, commissioning editor

Topics: First person real life stories from women

How to pitch: The first time you ever pitch, a phone call is best. We can explain what we are after so you don’t waste your time putting unsuitable stories to us in future. The pitch should be no longer than about 200 words. It should give a head, the basic outline of the story and say what pictures there are to go with it.

Post-pitch: Do not follow up with a call. If we don’t email or call back it probably means we’re not interested.

How to impress: If the teaser has a good head; if the photos we can get to go with the story are listed; if there’s mention of local newspaper copy that will back up the story.

What won’t impress: If you give us a story that has been in another magazine.

Rate: Depends on the strength of the story.

Emma Barnes, commissioning editor

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