Perfect Pitch: Glamour

Women’s lifestyle glossy.
Frequency: Monthly

Pitch to: Corrie Jackson, features editor.

Type of article: Most of our features are freelanced out. They can be anything from first-person celebrity or reallife interviews to long-term investigations, stunts, self help or quizzes.

Topics: Key areas are relationships, sex, real-life interviews, investigations/ reports, career, financial advice, fashion features, health, fitness.

How to pitch: Email. Ideally it would include a headline and a fiveline synopsis/outline of how the feature would work.

Post-pitch: Leave it a couple of days at least. I prefer an email follow up.

What will impress: A great headline and pitch that’s totally relevant to Glamour. It shows that the freelancer is familiar with the magazine and has thought the feature through before making their approach.

What won’t impress: A longwinded email and not being able to deliver what you’ve promised.

Rate: It varies depending on word count, the time it will take and the calibre of writer

Images: It can help to give a more rounded overview of what the story is all about.

Corrie Jackson, features editor

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