Perfect Pitch: Empire

Film reviews, news and interviews.
Frequency: Monthly

Pitch to: The correct section editor If you read the magazine, you’ll know who!

Type of article: Typically, it will be a fresh, interesting movie-related idea, something that will engage our readership. It could be related to an upcoming release, or just be a fun, ideally leftfield, concept that works well in our features mix.

How to pitch: Email. Concise, clear and, crucially, addressed to me. I instantly ignore anything that starts ‘Dear Editor’, or ‘Dear Sir/ Madam’. If a writer can’t even be bothered to research who they should be pitching to properly, then why on earth would I want to use them? It also helps to see samples of a writer’s previous work along with the pitch.

Post-pitch: My advice would depend on the pitch. How to impress: Anything smart, creative and straightforwardly pitched. What won’t impress: Gimmick pitches (e.g. starting off with some random joke); ideas obviously recycled from elsewhere; lists of film-makers the writer says they want to interview; aggressive pestering; people who obviously haven’t read the magazine or understand the market.

Rate: Not specified Images: Sometimes; often not.

Dan Jolin, features editor

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