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PCC rejects privacy complaint against Mail on Sunday

The Press Complaints Commission has rejected a complaint from Helen
Edmonds, the ex-wife of television presenter Noel Edmonds, that the
Mail on Sunday had intruded into her privacy by publishing the
whereabouts of her new home.

The Commission has previously made
clear that the identification of a person’s home can amount to a breach
of the Code, when there is a realistic danger that obsessed fans or
stalkers may cause a nuisance, or otherwise when there are particular
and obvious security concerns.

However, in this case, the PCC
said complainant was not herself a celebrity and the article did not –
in the Commission’s view – contain information that would realistically
lead to the house being more of a target than would otherwise be the
case for a dwelling of that type. While it sympathised with the
complainant, it did not uphold the complaint.

Derek Tucker,
editor of the Aberdeen Press and Journal, has joined the Commission as
one of the seven editorial members. He replaces Charles McGhee, editor
of the Glasgow Evening Times, who has retired from the Commission after
a two year stint.

Tucker has been editor of the Press &
Journal since 1992. He began his career at the Express and Star
newspaper in 1972, before moving to the Press and Journal as editor.
This is his second term as an editorial member of the Commission.

15 years at 1 Salisbury Square , London – which was also the home of
the old Press Council – the Press Complaints Commission is moving to
new offices in Holborn. The Commission will be closed for the move on
Friday 3rd March, and will reopen in its new premises on March 6th. For
new contact details click here