PCC rejects claims of code breach

By Sarah Lagan

A complaint made by a woman against the Luton News for identifying
her address after her home was raided by police looking for suspected
terrorists, has been rejected by the Press Complaints Commission.

The woman, a relative of someone under investigation by police,
complained the article put her at risk from locals believing she was
involved in crime and was in breach of Clause 10 (reporting of crime)
of the old code of practice.

She stressed that no one living at
the address had been arrested or charged and the News agreed to clarify
this point, while emphasising it had reported an important and public

The complainant rejected a letter of apology sent to her from the editor as he did not admit he erred.

commission noted the woman had not been named and the article had not
stated anyone living at the address had been named or charged, meaning
there was no breach of the old code designed to protect families of

It said the newspaper was entitled to cover the significant local event and photograph the scene.

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