Pass me a can of that 'wife-beater'


A classic case of left hand-right hand in yesterday’s Daily Mail.

On Page 29, William Leith poses the question: “Why do my son’s books tell him that all men are useless?”, happily posing with the aforementioned four-year-old, as he bemoans at great length the role of the hapless male in modern children’s literature.

Turn to Page 33 and you have a classic bunny boiler, as millionaire’s daughter Jeannie King is granted a spread to explain how she married beneath herself to a council estate brickie who embarrassed her by taking a six-pack of Stella to posh dinner parties with friends.

I tell you what … never mind men being useless. This poor bloke was so ruthlessly emasculated that she might as well have cut his goolies off and offered them as a competition prize alongside the cottage in France and the luxury lip-plumper for every reader.

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