Paragon founder member Butt to leave Highbury

Editorial director Damian Butt is leaving Highbury Entertainment, formerly Paragon Publishing, after 13 years with the company.

Butt was one of the founding members of Paragon Publishing in 1991 and has been responsible for the launch of more than 60 magazines, including DVD Review, Play, gamesTM, iCreate, Digital Photographer and the Made Easy brand.

He was a member of the team involved in the management buy-in at Paragon by 3i and the Bank of Scotland for £14m in 1999, and later the acquisition by Highbury House Communications in 2003 for £32m.

Managing director Mark Simpson said: “Damian has been at the core of our success and we are all very sorry to see him go.

“However, he has put in place good structures to ensure the business carries on quite happily, which is a real credit to him.”

Butt leaves at the end of August after completing his six-month notice period and his replacement is being sought.

By Sarah Lagan


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