Paperboy, 15, loses holiday pay appeal

An Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled that children under school-leaving age are not entitled to holiday pay – thus ensuring newsagents will go on making home deliveries.

The threat to home delivery, a large part of newspapers’ guaranteed income from sales, especially for regional newspapers, came under threat when 15-year-old Graham Ashby claimed he was entitled to holiday pay when working for newsagents Addison’s of Selby, North Yorkshire.

The newsagent and his wife were supported at the London tribunal hearing by the National Federation for Retail Newsagents, which has consistently taken the position that working time regulations did not entitle under-16s to paid holiday leave.

The appeal panel’s decision, which affects tens of thousands of newsagents and millions of readers, is being claimed as a major victory by NFRN.

NFRN national president Colin Finch described home delivery as a convenient community service, especially benefiting the elderly and people with mobility problems.

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