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Paper stunned as IRA story is 'lifted'

The weekly newspaper that first ran a story about Labour MP John McDonnell’s comments about the need “to honour IRA members” was shocked by the way the national press “lifted” its copy.

The story was written by freelance Paul Donovan and was the splash in Irish World. It reported what had gone on at the hunger strike memorial meeting.

“The paper went out on Wednesday and we were amazed come Friday to see quotes lifted wholesale from it by The Sun and other national newspapers,” said Tom Griffin, Irish World acting editor.

The Sun gave most prominence to the story, running it under the headline “Honour the IRA outrage.” More followed inside with an editorial aimed at McDonnell.

Among the nationals that carried the story only The Daily Telegraph mentioned that it had first appeared in an Irish paper.

In this week’s edition of Irish World McDonnell, defended his comments.