Paper mounts campaign to catch 'lazy' parents

The South Wales Evening Post has started publishing pictures of cars
parked on double-yellow lines outside schools by parents dropping off
or picking up their children.

As part of its Keep Them Safe campaign, the Swansea-based Northcliffe daily sends out photographers and reporters.

They confront parents who park illegally and ask them to explain why they have ignored safety regulations.

editor Spencer Feeney said: “Our campaign was prompted by readers who
were contacting us to complain that these lazy and thoughtless drivers
were putting other people’s children at risk by creating hazards around

“Since we launched Keep Them Safe we have received phone
calls from parents asking us to turn the spotlight on their child’s

Dozens of parents have been caught parking illegally since Keep The Safe was launched on 10 January.

The campaign, which has been backed by police, local MPs, and Welsh Assembly members, will run until the end of the school term.

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