Paparazzo made Nicole Kidman 'fear for her life' - Press Gazette

Paparazzo made Nicole Kidman 'fear for her life'

Nicole Kidman screamed and feared for her life when she was being chased in her car by a freelance photographer, her driver has told a court.

The photographer, Jamie Fawcett, is suing The Sun-Herald newspaper over an article that said he was Sydney’s most disliked freelance photographer and that he had caused “havoc” in the private life of the Oscar-winning Australian actress.

The newspaper’s publisher called her driver, John Manning, to give evidence in the case before the New South Wales state Supreme Court as it considers whether to award damages. A jury has already found that the Sun-Herald article defamed Fawcett.

Manning told the court that he had been driving Kidman to her parents’ Sydney home on January 23 2005, when Fawcett began pursuing them in an sports utility vehicle.

Manning, who said he had to swerve to avoid Fawcett, said Kidman was “screaming” and saying things like: “This has to stop. Call the police.”

“She was fearing for her life and she said someone is going to get killed,” Manning told the court.