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Panini will stick by Mizz

Sticker-book publisher Panini has completed the purchase of struggling teen title Mizz from IPC.

It has appointed former deputy editor Leslie Sinoway as editor, and plans a relaunch in the "near future".

The title recorded a sales drop of 14.1 per cent year on year, to 60,425 copies a fortnight, in last month’s ABC circulation roundup.

The "majority" of the previous Mizz team have been re-employed on a freelance basis, according to Panini.

The title has been neglected by IPC in recent years against the background of a crashing teen magazine market.

Panini said it also planned to invest in marketing and promotions on the title.

A spokeswoman added: "We are planning to keep the format and frequency of the magazine as it is, but this will of course be under constant review.

"We do have plans for a design and editorial makeover in the near future."

The title, launched in 1985, is aimed at 10- to 14-year-old girls.

Like other titles in the fickle teenage market, it has suffered in recent years from the growing power of the internet, mobile phones and other media.

Mike Riddell, Panini UK managing director, said, "Mizz is a major prize for Panini UK and takes us into the exciting area of girls’ teenage lifestyle magazines.

We are now firmly established as a leading player in both children’s and teenage magazines, with 20 titles."

The Italian publisher is the world leader in the collectable sticker and trading card market, but is also Europe’s fourth largest publisher of teen and children’s titles.

IPC Connect managing director Evelyn Webster said: "IPC has always followed a strategy of portfolio renewal through launch, acquisition and, occasionally, divestment when magazines can no longer be given the investment they need to grow.

"As one of the leading publishers of youth titles in Europe, Panini is the perfect new home for Mizz. I would personally like to thank the Mizz team for continuing to do a fantastic job over the last few weeks while the acquisition negotiations have been taking place."