PA plans to move subbing posts from London to East Yorkshire

The Press Association is transferring London-based sub-editors to its office in Howden, East Yorkshire.

A PA statement said it had begun a consultation period with staff regarding the proposed relocation of four copyediting posts.

It added: "Staff in Howden have increasingly edited and transmitted the main wire and this proposal would complete this process, transferring all remaining main wire subbing to this multi-skilled team. In London, the news agency proposes creating an enhanced team of news editors to direct main wire file management, including retaining some copy-editing functions.

"The London desk will retain control of the main wire file as well as directing the news agenda, deploying staff and working closely with the photography and multimedia departments."

An insider said: "As I understand it, [the subs] will have to reapply for new jobs as news editors, who are really subs with that title. Supposedly the newsdesk will now be involved in subbing. The bottom line is that there are fewer jobs than people, so a few people will get the bullet at least, not to mention those who aren't prepared to go to Howden… and there will no longer be a subbing operation in London with the reporters."

Four years ago, subs on Teletext, which is run by PA, were given the opportunity to transfer to Howden, but many chose not to go.

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