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PA agrees bulletins dealwith Tiscali

The Press Association has agreed a deal to supply digital video news bulletins to internet service provider Tiscali’s UK portal.

Users of will now have access to news, sport and entertainment bulletins, updated daily.

All bulletins contain bespoke content, are Tiscali branded and will be archived for 30 days.

are approximately a minute and a half long and cover the top stories of
the day with a combination of video footage, voiceover and stills

They are produced in PA’s newsroom in London, with video footage gathered by a team of video journalists around the country.

Oberoi, head of multimedia at PA, said: “We believe that the internet
is a rich media platform and have created a range of multimedia
products tailored specifically to the medium.

Through our partnership with Tiscali we are helping to demonstrate the functionality of broadband.”

Last month The Sun signed a deal to take daily video news bulletins from PA for use on its website.