Oxford job for Lloyd?

By Zoe Smith

FT Magazine contributing editor John Lloyd has
expressed interest in becoming director of journalism at the newly
created Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford

The institute, which opens in September, will receive
£1.75m over five years from the Reuters Foundation and is looking for a
recognised journalist to take over the position.

“I’m interested
in the role, but it’s not a foregone conclusion. Since the institute
has been announced, at least two other working journalists have applied
to Tim Gardam, chair of the institute’s steering committee,” said Lloyd.

was optimistic that research at the institute would lead to an
improvement in the quality of political journalism in Britain. “One of
its main points, that everyone involved was very keen on, was that it
should involve the profession as much as possible,” he said.

should not be, as some of the media centres are, something that exists
separate from working journalists. It has to involve them continually,
it has to have one foot firmly in the profession.”

formerly director of television at Channel 4 and now principal of St
Anne’s College, Oxford, said: “The institute will be a place where
journalists can stand back and think about what it is that they’re
doing, think about the different ways in which people process

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