Own goal for Soccer Bet

Soccer Bet, the magazine launched by The Wireless Group, has closed just two months after launch, writes Ruth Addicott.

The 68-page weekly hoped to appeal to football fans who enjoy betting on games.

Soccer Bet was designed in a smaller A5 format to make it easy for fans to carry and the launch was backed by a £500,000 promotional campaign.

The closure has resulted in a number of job losses but a spokesman for TWG said all freelances would be paid.

He refused to comment on sales, which are thought to have been well below the initial target of 20,000. The first issue had a print run of 70,000. “We looked at it from every angle. You try these things, some work, some don’t.

You can never tell until you try. We are always looking for opportunities. We don’t want to stand still,” he said.

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