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NUJ secretary quits over 'apathy' of members

Mike Studley has resigned as secretary of the Merseyside branch of
the NUJ after no members turned up at a special meeting in Liverpool
called to hear leading Colombian journalist and human rights activist
Hollman Morris speak about the persecution of the press in his country.

In an angry letter to members, Studley accused them of apathy and disrespect for the profession.

Liverpool Echo writer and subeditor, who has been branch secretary for
more than 35 years, was furious that a meeting failed to attract one
member, despite huge publicity.

In an email to members, Studley
said: “That night for the first time in my years as a union activist, I
felt deeply ashamed of my NUJ colleagues.

“Such apathy and
disinterest was a gross insult to a very courageous man – a man who is
prepared to put his life on the line in his determination to tell the
truth about what is happening in his country.

“What Hollman Morris said would have inspired you all.

“I felt embarrassed and humiliated.

Hollman I felt a deep sadness that we had let him so badly down. He
came to Liverpool expecting his fellow journalists would demonstrate
their solidarity; he left a very disillusioned man.”

Studley is also a member of honour of the NUJ.



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