NoW pic of King not manipulated says PCC

By Sarah Lagan

A complaint made by former pop mogul Jonathan King, over an article
headlined “Pervert in the Park” in the News of the World that included
a picture he claimed was manipulated, has been thrown out by the Press
Complaints Commission.

The picture showed King sitting in Hyde Park looking towards a young
boy whose face had been pixelated. King complained the image had been
doctored to make it appear he was “ogling an innocent child” and
breached clause 1 of the code, accuracy.

The PCC examined the
photograph, but said it found no evidence in terms of “pixel behaviour
or inconsistency in light direction” that there had been any

It added that a statement by the director who was
filming King for a documentary when the picture was taken appeared to
confirm King had sat by the lake, and there was nothing to suggest the
boy in the photo had not walked by.

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