NoW in running to defend Press Awards title

Serious newspapers dominate the shortlist for the British Press Awards Newspaper of the Year — but the News of the World is still in the running to defend the title it won last year.

With the first stage of judging over, panels convene this week to decide the winners who will be announced on Monday 20 March at the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane.

The full shortlists are:

■ Newspaper of the Year: The Guardian; The Independent; News of the World; The Observer; The Times

■ Supplement of the Year: The Observer Food Monthly; The Times magazine; Culture, Sunday Times; How to Spend It, Financial Times; Celeb, Sunday Mirror

■ Photographer of the Year: Martin Argles, The Guardian; Charlie Bibby, Financial Times; Brian Griffin, Sunday Times Magazine; Sean Smith, The Guardian; Edmond Terakopian, freelance

■ Sports Photographer of the Year: David Ashdown, The Independent; Marc Aspland, The Times; Tom Jenkins, The Guardian; Colin Mearns, The Herald; Hugh Routledge, Sunday Times

■ Cartoonist of the Year: Peter Brookes, The Times; Dave Brown, The Independent, Nick Newman, Sunday Times; Ingram Pinn, Financial Times; Gerald Scarfe, Sunday Times

■ Front Page of the Year: "Cocaine Kate", Daily Mirror; "Best On His Deathbed", News of the World; "The Final Farewell" (Pope John Paul II), The Observer; "Harry The Nazi", The Sun; "7/7", The Times

■ Specialist Writer of the Year: Steve Connor, The Independent; John Cornwell, Sunday Times; Richard Girling, Sunday Times; Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun; Michael Smith, Sunday Times

■ Business & Finance Journalist of the Year: John Gapper, Financial Times; Ian Griffiths, The Guardian; Michael Harrison, The Independent: Hamish McRae, The Independent; Patience Wheatcroft, The Times

■ Political Journalist of the Year: Francis Elliott, The Independent on Sunday; Daniel Finkelstein, The Times; Alice Miles, The Times; Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer; Philip Stephens, Financial Times

■ Interviewer of the Year: Lynn Barber, The Observer; Emma Brockes, The Guardian; Robert Chalmers, The Independent on Sunday; Rachel Cooke, The Observer; Deborah Ross, The Independent; Janice Turner, The Times

■ Feature Writer of the Year: Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times Magazine; Adrian Levy/Cathy Scott Clarke, The Guardian; Malcolm Macalister Hall, The Independent; Stefanie Marsh, The Times; Michael Tierney, The Herald

■ Reporter of the Year: Oliver Harvey, The Sun; Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian; Stephen Moyes, Daily Mirror; Andrew Norfolk, The Times; Nicholas Timmins, Financial Times

■ Foreign Reporter of the Year: Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, The Guardian; Patrick Cockburn, The Independent; Hala Jaber, Sunday Times; Richard Lloyd Parry, The Times; Jonathan Watts, The Guardian

■ Showbusiness Writer of the Year: Jane Atkinson, News of the World; Anthony Barnes, The Independent on Sunday; Caroline Hedley, Daily Mirror; Victoria Newton, The Sun; Rav Singh, News of the World; Phil Taylor, News of the World

■ Columnist of the Year: Jeremy Clarkson, Sunday Times; Anatole Kaletsky, The Times; Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times; George Monbiot, The Guardian; Jane Moore, The Sun; Tony Parsons, Daily Mirror

■ Critic of the Year: Charlie Booker, The Guardian; AA Gill, Sunday Times; Ian Hyland, News of the World; Waldemar Januszczak, Sunday Times; Jay Rayner, The Observer

■ Sports Journalist of the Year: Rob Beasley, News of the World; Oliver Holt, Daily Mirror; Jamie Jackson, The Observer; Paul Kimmage, Sunday Times; James Lawton, The Independent

■ Young Journalist of the Year: Lucy Bannerman, The Herald; Steve Bloomfield, The Independent on Sunday; Gemma Calvert, News of the World; Giles Hattersley, Sunday Times; Katharine Hibbert, Sunday Times

■ Scoop of the Year: Francis Elliott, Independent on Sunday (Blunkett Broke Rules); Jamie Pyatt, The Sun (Harry the Nazi); Robert Jobson, Freelance /Evening Standard (Charles and Camilla to wed); Stephen Moyes, Daily Mirror (Cocaine Kate); Michael Smith, Sunday Times (Blair – Iraq War leak)

■ Team of the Year: Art Newspaper, (Sheikh Saud — biggest art collector); Daily Mirror, (7/7 team); The Guardian, (Attack on London); The Independent, (7/7 team); The Sun, (7/7 team); Sunday Times, (Nature’s Timebomb — Asian tsunami)


Winners will be announced at a gala event at the Dorchester Hotel on 20 March. For tickets call Paul Beard on 020 7038 1467.

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