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Not even guests can spend a penny at newly frugal BBC

While the BBC has taken plenty of flak lately for allegedly giving excessive rewards to top executives (huge salaries and massive pension pots), it appears the corporation is keen to stop guests spending a penny.

Axegrinder has heard from a hack who was recently invited to appear on Radio 5 Live to talk about their new book. It seems the pre-interview welcome was less than warm.

The author explains: ‘It’s a miserable place at night, BBC TV Centre. Not even a biscuit provided. I was locked in to the studio and no one told me how to get out to use the loos, or where to get coffee.

‘There was a machine offering sweets for 20p. I put my coin in and about five Minstrels fell out. I sat there for about half an hour, ignored.

‘When I got in to the interview, there were three people in there. No one told me who the man was – some MP who kept cutting in very annoyingly. I did my best. Glad when it was over though.”

Surely even the Daily Mail wouldn’t begrudge the Beeb giving interviewees the odd biscuit?

Or permission to use the loo.



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