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North for Baghdad

Andrew North has been appointed as BBC Baghdad correspondent and will begin his new job early in the New Year.

North has worked for the BBC for nine years and has wide experience of the Middle East and Islamic world.

January 2004, he has been the BBC correspondent in Afghanistan,
reporting from across the country and covering both the presidential
and parliamentary elections.

“Frying pan and fire is something many people have said to me since getting the job,” he said.

“But time in Afghanistan is also good preparation for Iraq. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

North has previous experience of reporting from Iraq, including when Saddam Hussein was in power.

covered the invasion in 2003 as an embedded journalist with American
forces and has returned to the country several times since.

takes over from Caroline Hawley who was in Baghdad for 2 and a half
years. She has moved to report for the BBC from Jerusalem replacing
Orla Guerin.