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Norman Giller's World Cup 2010 book - in print within three days of final whistle

Former Daily Express chief football reporter Norman Giller has published an account of the 2010 World Cup which its made its way into print within three days of the final game.

World Cup 2010 Day By Day was written by Giller with the help of his son Michael.

He told Press Gazette: ‘We are experimenting with a print-on-demand method. We think it is some sort of record to have the book – including the winning Spanish team on the front – printed within three days of the final shots.

‘It would have been 48 hours if I had not had a senior moment and put the wrong measurements on the cover.

“We are making the official publication date July 30, the anniversary of England’s 1966 World Cup victory but early orders will be met before then.”

He added: ‘I am not going to be able to retire on the profits. Interest dropped like a stone as soon as England made their pathetic second round exit.

‘It is very sad that we are so parochial in this country, with many blinkered football fans unable to see that the World Cup is much bigger than the performance of any one country.”

He said: ‘This is my 86th book and I want to try to hit 100 before I kick the proverbial … not the Jabulani ball but the bucket.

“It is heartbreaking to see my old profession in such a critical condition. But the opportunities have never been better for journalists who have energy and ingenuity. Take an old hack like me … I started out with a portable typewriter and carbon paper, and now set up my own websites and self publish my own books. If I can do it, so can any young writer who is a self-starter, can handle modern technology and is happy to work all hours. It is not a life for a lazy person.”

Details of how to buy the book here.



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