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No tricks are too low for some paps

I was a student member of the NUJ in my youth, chose the path of the
freelance and sidestepped the issue, never becoming a full member.

the years freelance photography has become quite hardcore. No tricks of
depravity are too low to block other agencies or teams.

I left
the exciting world of night-time snapping last year, because of the
amount of night-time snappers on drugs, and the car chases along Oxford
Street up to 90mph were getting too much. It’s amazing this goes on in
London every night.

It is with interest that I hear many paps are now in receipt of ASBOs after ignoring the law or cautions.

Certain celebs armed with top briefs have set upon certain paps with glee.

Some will lose their houses.

agencies appearing on TV and certain agency owners starting to believe
they could be famous too, it was only a matter of time.

I am now
informed that for those wishing to carry on in the industry, an NUJ
membership could be a wise investment. And for those with ASBOs,

Simon Lloyd by email



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