No action against footballers over Record 'fracas'

Police are taking no action against three Celtic footballers alleged to have taken Daily Record photographer Paul Chappells’ camera after a fracas because the Crown Prosecution Service says there is “insufficient evidence”.

Dutchman Bobby Petta, Belgian Joos Valgaeren and Swede Johan Mjallby were held by Northumbria police after an altercation with bouncers in cowboy theme bar Buffalo Joe’s in Newcastle last December.

Chappells alleged that he had begun taking pictures of the fracas when the Celtic players chased him and took away his cameras, which were worth £12,000.

Following the outcome of the police investigation, the Daily Record issued a statement welcoming the fact that no Celtic players will face prosecution.

“The Crown Prosecution Service says there is ‘insufficient evidence’ to charge one or more particular players,” the statement read.

“This brings to an end an unhappy chapter. What is not in doubt is that this incident happened.

“The Daily Record has in its possession a letter from Detective Chief Inspector J Napier in which he says, ‘I am satisfied that an incident occurred… which amounted to an allegation of robbery.’

“But club captain Paul Lambert has already apologised to the fans for the players’ behaviour during the infamous Christmas party in Newcastle.”

The statement ended: “Life moves on. Quite frankly, there are more important matters on the horizon for both organisations. The Daily Record is now fully occupied with events in Iraq.”

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