Newsquest pulls all titles from newspaper circulation auditor ABC

Newsquest has removed all of its titles from circulation auditor ABC just weeks after the body announced changes to the way it published figures.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations was the UK’s first “joint industry currency” for the media industry and acts as a kitemark for news organisations, who can opt in or out at any time.

It released its final six-monthly regional newspapers circulation report in February, covering July to December last year.

Scottish daily The Herald was the only Newsquest title to break into the top ten regional daily papers by circulation over the period. The Wirral Globe and St Helen’s Star were both in the top ten for non-daily circulations.

An ABC spokesperson said: “I can confirm Newsquest has made the decision to resign its titles from ABC membership.

“Effective from 1 April 2019, Newsquest’s regional newspapers and associated websites ceased to be in membership.

“ABC figures for Newsquest were last published in our February 2019 Regional report for the reporting period ending December 2018. These figures have been audited.”

The industry-owned auditor revealed earlier this month that it would stop publishing six-monthly reports for regional titles.

ABC now publishes circulation stats on a rolling basis, five working days after publishers submit their figures.

A spokesperson said at the time: “This puts certificates out into the market more quickly rather than holding up the data until a specified release date.”

The change, which came after “consultation with the industry”, will apply to both daily and weekly regional outlets.

Press Gazette has contacted Newsquest for comment.


6 thoughts on “Newsquest pulls all titles from newspaper circulation auditor ABC”

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  2. Yet there are some trying to justify this move by claiming no one bothers with ABC figures these days as they rely on ‘multi platform numbers’
    Try telling that to the local high street shop who simply wants to know how many copies of the local paper are sold compared to the people in their catchment area and before deciding where to spend their hard earned advertising budget, not getting a straight answer is usually enough to turn them off.

    Opting out of a respected industry auditing process can only indicate they don’t want the public to know just how bad things have become.

    Desperate times, desperate measures

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