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News UK owner Rupert Murdoch delighted by 'wonderful' Brexit 'victory for British democracy'

News UK owner Rupert Murdoch has described Britain’s exit from the European Union as “wonderful” and a “victory for British democracy yesterday”.

He was speaking at The Times CEO summit in his first public comments on the subject of Brexit.

News UK-owned tabloid The Sun, Britain’s top selling daily, campaigned for Britain to Leave the EU. In the last month of the EU referendum campaign it published 16 front-page stories favouring Leave versus one which was judged by Press Gazette to favour Remain.

Murdoch’s other UK dailies were split on the issue, with The Times endorsing Remain in the final week of the campaign and The Sunday Times backing Leave.

Murdoch is the executive chairman and controlling shareholder of News Corp, the parent company of News UK.

According to The Times, Murdoch said yesterday: “We made a momentous decision last Thursday. [Brexit was] a bit like a prison break. We’re out!”

He added: “We have got to decide in this country who we are . . . [this] opens up the whole world for us . . . I’m excited about Brexit, how we get through it and the opportunities.”

Murdoch said that be believed former Times journalist Michael Gove has the right qualities to be the next Tory party leader.

He said: “I’d be happy for Michael Gove to get it” describing him as “the most principled and most able” candidate.

Murdoch shrugged off the reaction of the negative reaction of the financial markets to the referendum result. He said: “Markets go up and they go down. This is hugely overdone.”

And he urged British business to embrace the result: “There is a whole world of growth out there.”



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Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette


2 thoughts on “News UK owner Rupert Murdoch delighted by 'wonderful' Brexit 'victory for British democracy'”

  1. THE MURDOCH EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. “HATED” CAMERON DESTROYED. Murdoch buddies Johnson and Gove to run UK govt thanks to Sun Brexit readers. Johnson and Gove will be indebted to Murdoch. He wins back the power he lost at the Leveson inquiry and has the pleasure of humiliating the man who started it, Cameron. A master of strategy and revenge. Oh, and he will get that Sky TV approval he has long sought. And if Trump becomes President, thanks to Fox TV, Murdoch will be pulling his strings too. Murdoch is back big time. Not that he really went away.

  2. Further to my earlier comment I realise The Times has been pro-Remain, with excellent balanced coverage, but Murdoch knows this does not deliver the numbers of The Sun which turned itself into a shameless Brexit propaganda sheet.

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