News of World in university link-up

The News of the World is aiming to address the “top-heavy” influence that broadsheet newspapers have on journalism education.

The paper has linked up with the University of Glamorgan to present a series of lectures to students on its journalism degree course.

Senior associate editor Paul Nicholas will present the talks in the spring and summer terms.

The NoW already has links with City University, where students on the paper’s graduate trainee scheme study for a diploma.

Nicholas said: “This is a tremendous opportunity for us to extend our work with universities and help give students an insight into tabloid bestpractice.

Besides our lectures, we’ll also try to help with research facilities through our libraries and databases where appropriate – and, of course, I’ll be keeping an eye out for future stars of the News of the World.

“Academic courses in this country are often top-heavy with broadsheet input. While that’s valuable, we’re keen to reflect the journalism that the great mass of people buy every Sunday.”

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