News of the World's Miskiw to head up news agency

Alyson Fixter
Veteran News Of The World
journalist Greg Miskiw, who left the tabloid three weeks ago after
turning down a job change, has bought a share in Liverpool-based
Mercury Press Agency and will become its editor.
Miskiw, who was assistant editor at the News of
the World, had been overseeing the tabloid’s northern news operations
in Manchester and left last month after he was asked to move back to
He has also been appointed a director of the company and will bring in
Paul Kennedy, northern reporter at the NoW, as news editor.
Miskiw said: “The News of the World offered me
the chance to work for the paper in London.
I had a great time there and was involved in breaking some of the
biggest stories of the last decade but I decided to look at other
Among those was the chance to work with [Mercury owner] Chris Johnson.
I found this the most exciting prospect.
“Chris has built one of Britains greatest agencies and together we hope to make it even greater.”
Mercury had previously passed into Johnson’s sole
ownership following the death of his business partner Roger Blyth eight
years ago.
Johnson, who retains a controlling stake in the company, said he would
remain an active member of the agency’s editorial team, with the title
of managing editor.
He said: “I have always believed that running a
freelance agency is job for at least two journalistic partners and so
Greg coming into the company is in some ways a return to the norm.
“Of course I had worked with Greg as a voice on
the end of a telephone for years and when he let me know that he was
looking for a move into agencies it was clearly a rare opportunity for
that agency which I seized immediately.”
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