New Statesman launches 'pop-up' data-driven election website called June 2017

The New Statesman has launched a “pop-up” website called June 2017 focusing on the general election.

The data-led site will track all the opinion polls, showcase historical data and provide on-the-ground reporting from across the country.

NS chief digital officer Sam Hall said: “We are launching to help tell a more comprehensive story of the election, using statistics and hard facts.

“We’ll take the latest data, interpret it for our readers and write the story around it. Data will steer our articles.”


The New Statesman hopes to replicate the success it had two years ago with its election offshoot site,, which it said amassed 7.1m views from 1 April to 7 May 2015.

The New Statesman said its website received just under 3m unique monthly figures in April.

Like Press Gazette, the New Statesman is part of the Progressive Media group.

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