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New online memorial chronicles demise of the media

As if the sub-zero temperatures outside weren’t enough to stop us from dragging ourselves out of bed, a new website billed as ‘an online memorial to the traditional media industry’is here to make us even more depressed.

The site, Traditional Media RIP, was created by Dialect, a Canadian web marketing agency, to track, minute by minute, the decline of print and other traditional media.

It offers links to various stories from around the web about newspaper job cuts, publishing company bankruptcy – and the effect the decline of newspapers is having on innocent little puppies.

One of the site’s creators, Nik Szymanis said: ‘The headlines are presented starkly and without comment, giving a sobering view of the current state of media.”

The irony of a group purporting to ‘love traditional media’blogging about its decline using new media is not lost on the site’s creators.

Szymanis said: ‘Since one of the main pressures on traditional media is the internet, and since virtually all the news we consume is via the internet, it seemed only fitting to create this memorial online.”

Traditional media, it seems the bell it tolls for thee…



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