New monthly title launches in Scarborough to plug 'news gap' - Press Gazette

New monthly title launches in Scarborough to plug 'news gap'

A monthly magazine has been launched to help plug a "news gap" in Scarborough after plans for a thrice-weekly were scrapped last year.


Press Gazette revealed back in December that the plans for the thrice-weekly had been scrapped when Steven Thurston, the man behind the scheme, admitted the scheme was too ambitious.


He instead decided to launch a free monthly magazine, the Scarborough Voice, the first edition of which came out on 1 March. 


It was delivered free to 15,000 households and businesses in the area and replaces the Scarborough Advertiser title.


“We did want to launch a newspaper and are still looking at that but there are costs involved and it’s not cheap to bring out a newspaper once a week let alone three times a week,” Thurston told Press Gazette today.


“I’m hoping the news we put in here will be of interest to people and will bring people to our website.”


According to Thurston the first edition, which is A4 sized, ran 32 pages, around half of which were editorial.


Thurston works alongside two volunteers who write about arts and entertainment as well as an in-house advertiser.


The magazine and website, which runs rolling news, aims to report on “positive news” from the area.


The Voice also works alongside radio station and they collaboratively have created a TV website called


Thurston first unveiled plans for a thrice weekly in September 2012 in response to the Scarborough Evening News from a daily to weekly.


He said at the time that there was "a huge gap for daily news, there’s an awful lot of news in the area, and people can’t wait for a weekly – people want a daily newspaper".